UFC Fight Night 145:

Blachowicz vs. Santos

O2 Arena
Prague, Czech Republic

About the Event

Klidson Farias de Abreu and Carlos Diego Ferreira have both missed the weight and will each have to pay a percentage of their purse to their respective opponents.

Last fight very well conducted for Struve!

 Weight Class 🤔RankRecordsBoutRecordsRankWhat to expect 
 Light Heavyweight#422-07-0Jan "Prince of Cieszyn" Blachovicz vs. Thiago "De Lima Marreta" Santos19-6-0 
 Heavyweight#1532-11-0Stefan "Skyscraper" Struve vs. Marcos "Pezao" Rogério De Lima16-6-1 
 Light Heavyweight17-10-0Gian Villante vs. Michal "Lord" Oleksiejczuk13-2-0 
 Flyweight#611-6-0Liz "Girlrilla" Carmouche vs. Lucie "Bullet" Pudilová8-2-0#14 
 Bantamweight#921-10-0John "The Magician" Dodson vs. Petr "No Mercy" Yan10-1-0#15 
 Light Heavyweight10-1-0Magomed Ankalaev vs. Klidson "Urso Branco" Farias de Abreu14-2-0 
 Flyweight5-2-1Veronica Macedo vs. Gillian "The Savage" Robertson5-3-0 
 Welterweight11-1-0Carlo "Semento" Pedersoli Jr vs. Dwight "The Body Snatcher" Grant7-1-0 
 Lightweight12-4-0Damir "The Bosnian Bomber" Hadžović vs. Marco Polo "El Toro" Reyes7-5-0 
 Welterweight25-2-0Michel "Tractor" Prazeres vs. Ismail "The Austrian Wonderboy" Naurdiev17-2-0 
 Featherweight6-2-0Daniel "Kid Dynamite" Teymur vs. Chris Fishgold17-2-1 
 Lightweight23-3-0Rustam "Tiger" Khabilov vs. Carlos Diego Ferreira13-2-0 
 Lightweight16-2-0Damir Ismagulov vs. Joel "El Fenomeno" Alvarez15-1-0 

Official Weight (lbs) 🤔
 Official Weight (lbs)Red CornerBlue CornerOfficial Weight (lbs) 
 205Jan "Prince of Cieszyn" BlachoviczThiago "De Lima Marreta" Santos204 
 263Stefan "Skyscraper" StruveMarcos "Pezao" Rogério De Lima255 
 206Gian VillanteMichal "Lord" Oleksiejczuk204 
 125Liz "Girlrilla" CarmoucheLucie "Bullet" Pudilová126 
 136John "The Magician" DodsonPetr "No Mercy" Yan136 
 204Magomed AnkalaevKlidson "Urso Branco" Farias de Abreu209 
 126Veronica MacedoGillian "The Savage" Robertson125 
 171Carlo "Semento" Pedersoli JrDwight "The Body Snatcher" Grant171 
 155Damir "The Bosnian Bomber" HadžovićMarco Polo "El Toro" Reyes155 
 170Michel "Tractor" PrazeresIsmail "The Austrian Wonderboy" Naurdiev170 
 146Daniel "Kid Dynamite" TeymurChris Fishgold145 
 156Rustam "Tiger" KhabilovCarlos Diego Ferreira157 
 155Damir IsmagulovJoel "El Fenomeno" Alvarez156 

Fight ResultFight RatingFight Comment
Santos defeated Blachovicz: TKO, R3 00:39 (Punches)★★★★Very tactical fight. So much power on the two sides. Each punch is frightening...
Struve defeated Rogério De Lima: Submission, R2 02:21 (Arm-triangle choke)★★★★Beautiful turnaround between round 1 and round 2. Very nice last fight for Struve!
Oleksiejczuk defeated Villante: TKO, R1 01:34 (Body punch)★★★Spectacular TKO with liver punch !
Carmouche defeated Pudilová: Decision, R3 05:00 (Unanimous 🤔)★★Distance matters!
Yan defeated Dodson: Decision, R3 05:00 (Unanimous 🤔)★★★
Ankalaev defeated Farias de Abreu: Decision, R3 05:00 (Unanimous 🤔) 
Robertson defeated Macedo: Submission, R2 03:27 (Rear-naked choke) 
Grant defeated Pedersoli Jr: KO, R1 04:59 (punches) 
Hadžović defeated Reyes: TKO, R2 02:03 (Punches) 
Naurdiev defeated Prazeres: Decision, R3 05:00 (Unanimous 🤔) 
Fishgold defeated Teymur: Submission, R2 01:10 (Rear-naked-choke) 
Ferreira defeated Khabilov: Decision, R3 05:00 (Unanimous 🤔) 
Ismagulov defeated Alvarez: Decision, R3 05:00 (Unanimous 🤔) 

Event StatsValue
Red win:38.46%
Blue win:61.54%