Adesanya vs. Silva

Rod Laver Arena
Melbourne, Australia

About the Event

Everything was ready for the star fight of this UFC 234, Wittaker-Gastellum, to take place. Both men were by weight when weighing the day before: Wittaker 185lbs Gastellum 185lbs. Unfortunately, Wittaker could not defend his title against Gastellum because of an abdominal hernia.

 Weight Class 🤔RankRecordsBoutRecordsRankWhat to expect 
 Middleweight#615-0-0Israel "The Last Stylebender" Adesanya vs. Anderson "The Spider" Silva34-8-0, 1NC#15 
 LightweightMarcos Mariano vs. Lando "Groovy" Vannata 
 Bantamweight🔥#1526-9-0, 1NCRani Yahia vs. Ricky Simon10-1-0 
 Flyweight#149-4-0Montana De La Rosa vs. Nadia Kassem5-0-0 
 Light Heavyweight8-0-0Jim "The Brute" Crute vs. Sam Alvey 
 Lightweight9-1-0Devonte "King Kage" Smith vs. Dong Hyun "The Maetro" Ma16-8-3 
 Featherweight11-4-0Shane Young vs. Austin "golden Boy" Arnett15-5-0 
 Flyweight17-7-0, 1NCKai Kara-France vs. Raulian Paiva17-1-0 
 Bantamweight11-5-2Teruto "Yashabo" Ishihara vs. Kyung Ho "Mr. Perfect" Kang14-8-0, 1NC 
 LightweightCallan Potter vs. Jalin "The Tarantula" Turner6-4-0 
 Bantamweight10-6-0Wuliji "Beast Master" Buren vs. Jonathan "Dragon" Martinez9-2-0 

Official Weight (lbs) 🤔
 Official Weight (lbs)Red CornerBlue CornerOfficial Weight (lbs) 
 185Israel "The Last Stylebender" AdesanyaAnderson "The Spider" Silva186 
 155Marcos MarianoLando "Groovy" Vannata156 
 135Rani YahiaRicky Simon135 
 125Montana De La RosaNadia Kassem124 
 206Jim "The Brute" CruteSam Alvey205 
 156Devonte "King Kage" SmithDong Hyun "The Maetro" Ma156 
 145Shane YoungAustin "golden Boy" Arnett145 
 125Kai Kara-FranceRaulian Paiva125 
 136Teruto "Yashabo" IshiharaKyung Ho "Mr. Perfect" Kang136 
 156Callan PotterJalin "The Tarantula" Turner155 
 136Wuliji "Beast Master" BurenJonathan "Dragon" Martinez136 

Fight ResultFight RatingFight Comment
Adesanya defeated Silva: Decision, R3 05:00 (Unanimous 🤔)★★★★Pleasant to see. Provocations on both sides...
Vannata defeated Mariano: Submission, R1 04:55 (Kimura) 
Simon defeated Yahia: Submission, R1 04:55 (Kimura)★★★★Simon is so aggressive !
De La Rosa defeated Kassem: Verbal Submission, R2 02:37 (Armbar) 
Crute defeated Alvey: TKO, R1 02:49 (Punches) 
Smith defeated Ma: TKO, R1 03:49 (Punches) 
Young defeated Arnett: Decision, R3 05:00 (Unanimous 🤔) 
Kara-France defeated Paiva: Decision, R3 05:00 (Split 🤔) 
Kang defeated Ishihara: Technical Submission, R1 03:59 (Rear-naked Choke) 
Turner defeated Potter: KO, R1 00:53 (Punches) 
Martinez defeated Buren: Decision, R3 05:00 (Unanimous 🤔) 

Event StatsValue
Red win:54.55%
Blue win:45.45%